The Very Rev. Wilfred Kekea Appointed as Bishop-Elect for the Diocese of Port Moresby

The Very Reverend Wilfred Kekea, current Dean of Saint Barnabas Provincial Cathedral in the Anglican Church of Melanesia, Honiara, has been appointed to be the next Bishop of Port Moresby Diocese in the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea (ACPNG).

As this appointment will affect St. Barnabas Cathedral, the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM), the Most Rev. Leonard Dawea, made this announcement to the congregation of Saint Barnabas Provincial Cathedral on Sunday morning.

His appointment as Bishop-Elect marks a new chapter in his ministry, as he prepares to leave his current position and embark on his new role in the neighboring country.

Archbishop Leonard expressed his appreciation for the trust and confidence placed on Rev. Wilfred Kekea by the ACPNG. Archbishop Dawea remarked on the significance of Rev. Kekea’s appointment to the office of Bishop, highlighting the strong relationship between ACOM and ACPNG.

The appointment of Rev. Wilfred Kekea to this esteemed position reflects not only his personal qualities and dedication to his ministry but also the collaborative spirit between Anglican churches in the Melanesian region.

The Archbishop calls on all members of the church to uphold the Very Rev. Wilfred Kekea and his family in prayer as they prepare for this new role.

As Rev. Wilfred Kekea embarks on this new chapter of his ministry, the Anglican Church of Melanesia stands in solidarity with him and extends its blessings for a fruitful and fulfilling tenure as Bishop in the Diocese of Port Moresby.

Rev. Wilfred and his family will travel to Papua New Guinea when all arrangements are completed.

The Anglican Province of Papua New Guinea is made up of five dioceses – Aipo Rongo, Dogura, New Guinea Islands, Popondetta and Port Moresby.

Rev. Wilfred Kekea assumed the role of Dean at Saint Barnabas Provincial Cathedral in Honiara on January 1st, 2023, and has since been an instrumental figure in the spiritual leadership of the Cathedral and the wider Anglican community in the Solomon Islands.


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