ACoM Administration is the body responsible for the overall administration of the Church covering Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia. The General Secretary is the Chief Executive Officer. The administration is mandated to ensure ACoM entire processes are operational and functional. ACoM administration also oversees provincial church institutions.

The four main departments making the overall administration include; 1) Administration and Human Resources 2) Finance Department, 3) Education Department and 4) Melanesian Board of Missions.

Administration and Human Resource

The department is headed by the Human Resource Manager.

In Solomon Islands, the Administration and Human Resource department oversee general administration and human resource functions of the church. The department also manages support service facilities including Lands and Properties, Projects, shipping (Southern Cross vessel) St. Clare Health Centre and Taroniara Slipway and Shipyard.

Finance Department

The Finance Department is under the supervision of the Finance Manager. The Department oversees all financial transactions and undertakings of the church. The Finance Manager ensures all financial transactions are carried out and comply with ACoM’s Financial Instruction manual. The Finance Manager is also mandated to ensure all financial commitments are done in the best interest of the Church.

Education Department

The overall head of the Education Department is the Education Secretary.

The Department is the body mandated by ACoM to be responsible for the delivery of Quality Education and services in all ACoM schools. In Solomon Islands, these Church schools include Selwyn College, St. Nicholas, St. Stephens’ Pamua, Charles Elliot Fox Sa’a, St. Francis Vaturanga Community High and Norman Palmer Community High School. The church also runs a number of Primary schools, Early Childhood Centres, and Rural Training Centres.

Anglican Church of Melanesian Board of Mission

Manager Melanesian Board of Mission Office is the Mission Secretary.

The ACoM Board of Mission office plays the leading role as far as Mission and Ministry of the church is concern. The mission office is also responsible in linking the church nationally, regionally and internationally. International mission partners and donor support organizations have their link to the church through the mission office. The mission office is also responsible to the religious orders of the church. The Anglican Church of Melanesia Board of Mission Office is the biggest Department within the Church.