Mission To Seafarers


THE mission to sea farers is a missionary society of the Anglican Church which is committed to promoting the wellbeing of seafarers and their families worldwide.

Since its establishment in the Anglican Church in the Province of Melanesia, Chaplains have been mandated to the office in Honiara are: Fr. Wilson Mapuru, late Fr. George Elo, Fr. Hillary Anisi and currently Fr. Bobby Chuchuni.

With the expansion of the Ministry; there are other centers which are set up in Noro Port in the Western Province currently manned by Rev. Frank Polau.

Anglican Church of Melanesia also establishes Mission to Seafarers in Port Vila, and the first Chaplain then was Fr James Marvin Ligo and was later became Bishop of DOVNC ( diseased), Fr Joseph Tagaro, Fr Ephraim Mathias, Fr Michael Tavoa Junior, Fr. Rayna and now Fr Charles Aru Bani.

The mission to seafarers provided Ministerial Care and support for those who leave their homes and families to work at sea.

Today, in port of Honiara, both International and national seafarers make use of their limited time ashore as they have affordable communication facilities being provided by shipping agents and the Mission to Seafarers office.

You can read more about Mission to Seafarers here: https://www.missiontoseafarers.org/



Fr. Bobby Chuchuni
Mobile: 677 7484281
Email: mtsacom@comphq.org.sb


Vanuatu (Vila)

Fr. Charles Aru Bani
Email: charlesaru31@gmail.com