Commission Of Justice Peace And Reconciliation

THE COMMISSION ON JUSTICE, RECONCILIATION and PEACE was formally established in 2008, at the closing of a Peace Consultation held in Honiara from 28 April to 1st May in the same year. The consultation had brought in some 90 participants from Malaita, Guadalcanal and Honiara being the areas heavily affected by the ethnic conflict of 1998 – 2003. Participants consists of bishops from the affected areas, clergy, four Religious Orders, women, youths, chiefs, ex-militants and ex-police officers, the bishops from other diocese in the Solomon Islands and representatives of the Solomon Islands Government from the Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace.

The ethnic conflict in 1999 – 2003 which had destroyed all key political institutions in Solomon Islands, and which had brought down the country’s economy to its bed rock was instrumented by rival militants from Guadalcanal and Malaita. Although the ethnic conflict in Solomon Islands had ended, the need to address its effects especially in Guadalcanal and Malaita being the most affected areas still need immediate response of the Church.

Purpose of the Commission

• Advise the church particularly the General Synod, the Executive Council, The Council of Bishops and the Anglican Board of Mission, on the issues pertaining to justice, reconciliation and Peace which may fragment or divide the church and communities.

• To assist the dioceses on issues of justice, reconciliation and peace when requested or if considered appropriate

• Facilitate training, education and advocacy on justice, reconciliation and peace issues Duties and Responsibilities

• To carry out surveys and research relating to issues of justice, reconciliation and peace

• To present reports to appropriate bodies

• To oversee action plans which may involve the training of clergy and laity, including members of the Religious Orders, in healing, reconciling and rebuilding societies and strengthening of relationships in communities

• To monitor and report to appropriate Church bodies on progress made on the implementation of action plans

• To liaise with the justice, reconciliation and peace net works of such other bodies as the Anglican Consultative Council, the World Council of Churches and similar

• To exercise, through the Archbishop and the Bishops, the prophetic role of the church in the world.

Contact the office;

Coordinator: Mrs. Tagolyn Kabekabe

The Anglican Church in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu

P.O. Box 19, Mendana Avenue, Honiara

Solomon Islands

Telephone: + (677) 21892/3

Fax: + (677) 21098