The ACOM women’s Desk is established purposely for women in the Anglican Church of Melanesia.  This Desk is operating under the structure of the ACOMMBM and is responsible for ACOM women’s affairs.

General overview of the office:

  • The ACOM Women’s Desk is responsible for the facilitation, promoting and negotiating of all ACOM Women’s activities other than those directly under the ACOM Mothers Union
  • The ACOM Women’s Desk together with the Mothers Union in areas of specific needs providing platforms that strengthens Mothers Union important programs and activities within ACOM and the wider communities.
  • The desk also responsible to coordinate (organize) activities on special program that inclusive of all ACOM women and girls.
  • Liaise with both regional and international women’s organization development activities.
  • The women’s Desk office will also identify, develop and facilitate relevant programs and activities for ACOM women and girls that bring about positive changes.
  • Brought forward all its activities to ACOM overall strategies and priorities and aim for a workable result.


The aim/purpose of this desk:

  1. Ensure that all ACOM women, girls and female ministry groups / organizations are connected, networked and coordinated
  2. Collaboratively work with ACOM, MU, and ensure representation in women’s facilitated organizations locally, regionally and internationally.
  3. Develop relevant programs, policies’, strategies and initiatives that provide opportunities to implementing work relating to women empowerment, socio-economic, life skills , peace building and reconciliation, child protection, gender and all cross-cutting issues including climate change.
  4. Identify , develop and facilitate relevant programs and acivities that targets women within ACOM who can drive positive change within and inclusive of others.
  5. Work closely with the community Service Development Coordinator (CSDC) staff in identifying partner and donors to financial support the desk and women’s  activities and effectively assist in the M&E on women’s program and projects.


Mrs. Marilyn Chuchuni is currently looking after the Desk under the Melanesian Board of Mission.

Email:                      Telephone: (677) 21892 / Mobile: 7994620