Right Revd Arthur Stanley Abui. Bishop of the Diocese of Hanuato’o.

THE Diocese of Hanuato’o (DOH) was inaugrated at St. George Church now renamed as St. Peters Cathedral, Kirakira on 29th day of June 1991, at the feast of St. Peters.

The first Diocesan Bishop was the Rt. Rev. James Philip Mason. The second Bishop was the Rt. Rev. Jonnie Kuper and then, the current Diocesan Bishop is the third, the Rt. Rev. Alfred Karibongi.

There are no Regions setups in the Diocese of Hanuato’o (DOH) as in other dioceses, except for Parishes.

The diocese has15 Parishes and 32 active clergies currently serving the Diocese.

The Diocesan Headquarter is in Kirakira, Makira Ulawa Province.

Should you wish to contact the diocese; do not hesitate to contact:

The Diocesan Bishop
The Rt. Rev. Arthur Abui
Phone: +677 50012
Mobile: +677 7816961
Email: ataabui@gmail.com

The Diocesan Secretary
Mr. Silas Hulanga
Phone +677 50078
Email: doh@solomon.com.sb
Mobile: +677 7455402

The Vicar General
Currently Vacant:
Phone: 50264,

The Diocesan Mission Secretary
Rev. Job Tozaka
Phone: +677 50264
Mobile: +677 7520263