Right Revd Willie Tungale. Bishop of the Diocese of Temotu


The Diocese of Temotu is one of the nine current dioceses of the Anglican Church of Melanesia, founded in 1981. Three of the diocese’s six bishops have gone on to become archbishops of the province.

Temotu Province is the easternmost province of the Solomon Islands. The province was formerly known as Santa Cruz Islands Province. It includes the remote islands Anuta and Tikopia.

Bishops of Temotu
19811987Amos WaiaruFirst bishop; became Archbishop of Melanesia in 1988.
1987?Lazarus MunamuaSecond bishop; consecrated and installed on 20 September 1987.
19992009David VunagiThird bishop; became Archbishop of Melanesia in 2009.
?2016George TakeliFourth bishop; became Archbishop of Melanesia in 2016.
20162019Leonard DaweaFifth bishop; became Archbishop
2020presentWillie TungaleSixth bishop; consecrated and installed 16 February 2020.



The Rt Revd Willie Tungale

PO Box 50, Lata, Santa Cruz, Temotu
+678 7447345


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