Environmental Observatory Project

Anglican Church of Melanesia Environment Observatory

The Anglican Church of Melanesia Environment Observatory is a collaborative and community-based initiative, empowering local people to monitor their local environment and creating local knowledge about climate change impacts across Solomon Islands.

The observatory project brings religion, science, and people together to tackle environmental issues across the country and develop local, sustainable solutions.


(1) to monitor and record environmental changes across Solomon Islands

(2) to create a knowledge basis for comprehensive climate change and environmental policy and its implementation

(3) to increase awareness about climate change and its impacts

(4) to inform and encourage stewardship of the environment and its resources

(5) to empower the people of Solomon Islands to responsibly manage their own environments

(6) to encourage archiving and data storage practices within the Anglican Church of Melanesia for the benefit of future generations

(7) to develop effective, accessible, efficient techniques for citizen-led monitoring of environmental change



The ACoM Environment Observatory is based on citizen-led observations using simple, low-cost measurement structures. At present, temperature, rainfall, water levels, beach profiles, and shoreline positions are monitored within the observatory. Observations of these environmental parameters are documented in a manual booklet by dedicated “Green Apostles”, who organise data collection in local communities. Observatory test sites are centrally managed at ACoM headquarters in Honiara, Solomon Islands, in collaboration with the research team.

Please visit: https://acomobservatory.wordpress.com/ for more about the project.



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