The Right Rev. Benedict Loe, Bishop of the Diocese of Guadalcanal is currently making his episcopal tour around his diocese, the entire island of Guadalcanal onboard MV Southern Cross.
The episcopal tour aimed at bringing hope and Unity to the Anglican Communities around the diocese began on 18th June and will continue until 2nd July covering the entirety of Guadalcanal Island.
At their first stop at Koviloko Parish in Lambi, southwest of Guadalcanal, Bishop Loe highlighted the mission’s aim and set the tone emphasizing Unity, Hope and Spiritual renewal.
The theme for this tour is “Salt and Light for the World” (Matthew 5:13-16).
“Our mission is to bring the light of Christ to every corner of Guadalcanal. We embark on this journey with hearts full of hope and a deep commitment to serving our communities. Together, we will strengthen our faith and build a brighter future for all,” the Bishop said.
He adds; that the mission tour is part of the Diocese’s ongoing efforts to strengthen community faith bonds that aim to inspire hope, provide spiritual support, and address community needs by reaching out to various parishes. The delegation will listen to community needs, conduct religious ceremonies, and offer educational and empowerment programs. This initiative underscores the Church’s commitment to promoting a vibrant, united, and resilient faith community across Guadalcanal; the Bishop stated in his speech at Koviloko.
The mission delegation, spearheaded by the Diocesan Bishop and the Mission Secretary of the Diocese of Guadalcanal Rev. Clement Tino, includes leaders from various religious communities, youth representatives, the Evangelism and Intentional Discipleship Coordinator, Mothers’ Union members, and other diocesan ministry leaders. Joining them from the Anglican Church of Melanesia Provincial Headquarters are Fr. Stephen Zaku, Resource Officer of Intentional Discipleship and Evangelism, and Mr. Roy Oeta, Health and Medical Coordinator. The team is further strengthened by representatives from the Solomon Islands Medical Mission NZ and the Solomon Islands Medical Mission, including Revd. Peter Rickman from New Zealand who is joining the tour as part of his sabbatical, and students of Hugo Gorovaka Catechism School.
The journey starts at the Weather Coast and will end at the Marau Sound substation, on the eastern side of the island.
As of Thursday this week, the team had successfully covered two parishes where the Bishop confirmed 73 children at Vaturanga Parish and 27 candidates at Sugu Coastal Parish on the Wednesday 19th.

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