MBH Novices Successfully Completed Literacy Classes

Thirty eight (38) Novices of the Melanesian Brotherhood at Tabalia successfully completed and marked the closing of their literacy classes on the 5th of September 2014.

The program was a huge achievement for the novices as it helps them in their ministry.

According to their teacher, Mrs. Veronica Nokia, she said that half of the class had never been to school and could hardly read or write.

“After six (6) months under the program, the majority is now able to read and write confidently and is now actively participating in church and prayer life activities, such as officiating in the morning and evening services as well as confidently reading bible lessons at services” Mrs. Nokia said.

Their Class teacher stated that, these learners not only learnt to read and write in pijin and English but also were given skills in lively hoods like cooking different kinds of local foods.

The program not only benefitted the Novices but a lot of women in the dioceses.

Provincial Mothers Union Literacy Coordinators report shows that there are total of sixty three (63) literacy schools from the nine dioceses including the religious orders and church institutions, 113 teachers from the classes and a total of 863 learners.

The Anglican Church of Melanesia Board of Mission (ACoMBM), Anglican Board of Mission (ABM) and the Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) from New York must be commended for funding the program.


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