Literacy Paramount In Church Mission

Twenty Three Literacy Teachers has successfully completed a week long Literacy Teachers’ Training held at the Mothers Union hall, All Saints area in the Diocese of Central Melanesia from 27th April to the 1st of May 2015.

The 23 Literacy Teachers came from the six Parishes with in the Diocese of Central Melanesia.

At the opening ceremony of the training, Archbishop of Melanesia, the Most Rev. David Vunagi said, Literacy is paramount in the mission of the church.

“Literacy Program in the church of Melanesia has been sleeping over the years,” Archbishop David highlighted.

“The information provided by Mr. Nick Ellis, General Manager of SolRice who also supported Literacy in the country, tells us that while the illiteracy rate in the 1970s was 78% this year has gone up by 5% to 83%. That is not good news for this nation and for institutions and stakeholders that involve in the Literacy Program,” the Archbishop said in his address.

“Putting 17% into perspective; in 2009 census the population of Solomon Islands was said to be 500,000. That is 17% of 500,000 is 85,000.Only 85,000 people in Solomon Islands can read and write. Anglican Church in Solomon Islands is said to be 1/3 of the total population in the country. That is 166,667 of the total population. 17% of 166,667 is 28,333. That gives 138,335 members of the Anglican church in Solomon Islands cannot read and write.” Archbishop David said in his address.

Archbishop David urged all the Bishops, Priests, clergy and Literacy Teachers with in the Anglican Church of Melanesia to support this very important program in the Ministry of the church to help church members to read and write.

“I have no doubt in my mind that if the Literacy program is properly run and supported, it will have a positive impact in reducing the percentage of illiterate people in the church and society, particularly, woman and youth,” Archbishop David said.

The workshop was facilitated by the Anglican Church of Melanesia Provincial Literacy office.


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