DOM Opens Community Fund

THE Diocese of Malaita 19th Diocesan Synod at Buma village, central region in July 2014 had approved an establishment of a savings and credit scheme known as the ‘Diocese of Malaita Community Fund’ or DOM Community Fund’ as financial backbone of the Diocese. This fund is now in operation.
This is seen as implementation of one of the Diocese’s Six Priorities of DOM Vision 2020, and that is ‘Making Money’, the third priority. It is the way to activate and increase the economic base of the Diocese, an alternative to “RCDF” and commercial banks.
The idea is to create a financial pool, which will provide financial freedom to its members to activate and engage in the rural cash economy for self-employment, job creation and prosperity, especially for women, youth and village people.
The financial market for the ‘servings and credit scheme’ is the 50,000 Anglican members of the Diocese of Malaita.
The DOM Community Fund is governed by its constitution, policies and procedures. It is managed by a board committee appointed by the Diocesan synod and is being operated under the office of the Diocesan Mothers Union. It comprises the following funds: The Daily Bread Savings Account, The Shares and Loans Savings Account, The Fix Term Savings Account, The Social Welfare Savings Account.
Information on this Savings Scheme can be obtained at the Diocesan Office.


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