CSC Secure Land Through Custom Ceremony

By Fr. Raxton Pasalu

DOY Communications

THE Anglican Community of the Sisters of the Church (CSC), called Saint Scholastica Household at Kolohavi in Bugotu has now sealed ownership of their area. 
They sealed the ownership of the portion of land by presenting a wooden canoe, paddles, custom umbrellas, live pigs, mats, and lots and lots of baskets of food crops as well as bags of rice, sugar, car-tons of Taiyo, cartons of Noodle and bags of flour as well as a token of $15,000.00 cash, through a process called ‘Dokulu Hui’ to Reverend Wilson Mapuru and Tribe.

The ceremony was held on Saturday 28th July through ‘Dokulu Hui’; a process or a form of Land Purchase transaction in Bugotu, Isabel.
In receiving the gifts, Chief Pone, currently acting chairman of Bugotu House of Chiefs explained that Dokulu Hui carries more weight and value only in traditional materials and home grown foods. Having said that, he declared in the presence of his people and representatives from the Sisters of the Church, the Bishop and staff from the Diocesan Headquarters that the Land transaction is valid according to the custom and values of Dokulu Hui.
Responding to the Provincial Head Sister’s speech concerning the wellbeing of the sisters in the area in terms of gardening and farming; Rev. Mapuru on behalf of his tribe assures the sisters that they can freely go along with their daily activities and mission in the area. 
“The relationship between my tribe and the Sisters is now secured and will continue to be maintained as the two communities will continue to discuss and communicate with each other on matters that are outside the Dokulu Hui Land transaction” Rev. Mapuru added.
The ceremony was indeed very successful. Most members of the Associates to CSC in Isabel contributed much in finance, food and the preparations. 
The Bishop of Ysabel, Rt.Rev.Ellison Quity, Senior Priest Fr.Zephaniah Kokili and Rev.Sr.Veronica signed the Dokulu Hui Document on behalf of the Church; while the Deputy .PS Mr. John Mark and two others signed the same document on behalf of the Isabel Provincial Government and Chiefs representing Bugotu House of Chiefs also signed following representatives of the Landowning tribe.


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