MMUK Assist ACOM Schools On How To Run Christian Schools

Twenty-two teachers from the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) run schools had undergone three-day workshop held at ACOM Provincial Headquarters Conference room from Monday 30th July-Wednesday 1 August.

The teachers were from the ACOM Early Childhood Education (ECE), primary and secondary teachers from St. Nicholas Anglican College, Norman Palmer, Kolobaubau primary, Selwyn College, St. Francis Vaturanga primary, C.E Fox Memorial Sa’a, Taroniara Primary.

Reverend Cate Edmonds and Canon Daphne Jordan from the Melanesian Mission United Kingdom (MMUK) facilitated the workshop.

Topics covered were Christian Distinctiveness on how a Christian school should look like.

Courses covered were on Distinctiveness of a church school; Effectiveness of a church school; Leadership of a church school; Spiritual development and Creative worship & prayer.

ACOM run schools in Vanuatu will also go through the same workshop this week.

The workshop ends with a presentation of certificates.


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