ACOM Vanuatu Donates Towards JCPU Project

In a significant gesture of support, the Anglican Church in Vanuatu handed over an amount of SBD35,941.76 to the Chairman of the John Coleridge Patteson University (JCPU) Project Planning and Implementation Committee (PPIC), Sir Nathaniel Waena, during a short handing over ceremony held at the ACOM Conference yesterday afternoon.

The generous contributions were collected largely from a one percent deduction from the salaries and stipends of the clergy and staff in the Diocese of Banks and Torres (DOBT) and Diocese of Vanuatu and New Caledonia (DOVNC), ACOM Vanuatu Head office; and support from other faithful and committed Anglican members in Vanuatu. This was done following a motion passed at the last General Synod in 2021 requesting all employees of the Church to voluntarily contribute 1% of their salaries to the JCPU project.

The purpose of this monetary support is to aid the church project JCPU, a project that holds great promise for providing opportunities to the people of Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

Sir Nathaniel expressed his heartfelt gratitude to ACOM Vanuatu for their sincerity and dedication in backing this initiative.

“This ceremony stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment and passion displayed by ACOM Vanuatu towards this ambitious project.” Sir Nathaniel said upon receiving the sum.

“How can we make ACOM Vanuatu part of this project was my biggest worry. This ceremony gives me the sentiment of oneness as that we are all part of the ACOM,” Sir Nathaniel added.

Furthermore, the Archbishop took the opportunity to appeal to other dioceses and institutions in the Solomon Islands, urging them to follow the inspiring example set by their brothers and sisters in Vanuatu.

“The unwavering commitment demonstrated by ACOM Vanuatu not only serves as an inspiration but also emphasizes the importance of collective efforts in undertaking initiatives that benefit the ACOM community as a whole” the Archbishop stated.

The donation ceremony marks the milestone of a shared vision that will provide educational opportunities that empower individuals and foster progress that will open doors for countless individuals to seize greater possibilities and contribute to the growth of our nations.


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