‘Women Must Be Heard In Church And Society’: Archbishop David

THE Archbishop of Melanesia, who is also the patron of the Mothers’ Union MU has urged the Mothers’ Union delegates to promote the place of women in the Church and Society.

The Most Rev’d David Vunagi made the statement at the official opening of this 13th Provincial Mothers Union General Conference at the Melanesia haus on Monday 25th August 2014.

The theme for the conference is: ‘Faithful Relationship in Unity, Mission and Service’.

“Your mission is to liberate women from cultural and religious beliefs that oppress and discriminate against women,” Archbishop David said.

“But before you can do that, you must take the initiative to raise your own self-esteem and liberate yourselves from the negative impacts of culture and religion that restrict the place of women in the church and society;” Archbishop David adds.

He said, women particularly in Melanesia have been conditioned by culture and religion to think that their place is at the periphery of any organization body of people.

Archbishop urged the Church and Society especially in Melanesia to listen to the voices of women, girls and children who are always placed at the deep end of the stick. It is only when the church and society are listening that they can establish achievable goals to remedy unjust systems and structures.

“It should be part of the witness for the gospel that the church must work towards dismantling the conditioned mentality of the society that put women at the backburner. But women must have trust and confidence on themselves that they are equal partners of men in the mission and ministry of the church” The Most Rev’d David said.

It is for such reason that this general conference can help women in Vanuatu and Solomon Islands recognize the negative impacts of the different forms of oppression and discrimination that have continued to hinder them in fully participating in the decision-making processes in the church and in the communities they live.

It is also for such reason that this consultation will help to develop a dynamic process that will help establish a societal environment that is truly free and inclusive to help women fully realize their worth and potential.

The general conference runs from 25th to the 30th August.

Around eighty (80) MU delegates from the nine (9) dioceses within the Anglican Church of Melanesia and Provincial MU staff took joined the conference.


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