‘Wholistic Approach A Way Forward’: Bishop Seka

‘Approach we should have for mission work today is wholistic’.

Bishop of the Diocese of Central Solomon (DOCS) made the statement in his official remarks at the opening of the 7th synod.

The theme for the synod is ‘God and Steward are participants in the Divine Mission to save souls’.

Bishop Seka said, “The mission should be spiritual, physical, social and economically appropriate in nature.

“But in all these mission activities, God must be at the center and is reflected in the making and allow God to participate through our prayers and meditation”, Bp Seka said.

He also said the theme calls stewards-those who are ordained and laity alike for deeper spiritual engagement with God in mission and ministry of the church of God.

“The ministry we are engaging in is meaning full only when our attitudes and intentions are rooted in the Gospel of Christ Jesus” the Bishop of the Diocese said.

“The opposite action is tarnishing the true image of a steward especially when we act in contrary from the true image of the Gospel we promises at our baptism, confirmed during our confirmation and made more vividly at our ordination, especially for the clergy”, he added.

The Diocesan Bishop also call on the synod delegates to work co-operatively to reduce the occurrences of other social issues such as domestic violence, early marriages, excessive bride prize, unwedded couples, early pregnancies and immoral behavior that is increasingly creeping into communities especially in the 21st Century.

While the diocese is no exception like others from the influence of global village, bad practices are seen affecting the faith and image of the church, hence, it is a great need to continue addressing them in the ministry of the church, so that Christians remain faithful; Bishop Seka said.

We are living in Christ while living in the world. Therefore, Christians ‘lives, attitudes and behavior need to reflect the presence of Christ in existence here and now. I think that this is the kind of life that is missing and we need to restore it in the church today, he concluded.

The 7th Diocesan Synod was held from 29th of June to the 4th of July 2014 and was hosted by Tulagi Parish.

The synod proper was preccedded by a holy Eucharistic Service led by the Diocesan Bishop, the Right Rev. Ben Seka at the Diocesan Cathedral – Christ the King chapel at the Diocesan Head Quarter.

Around fifty (50) participants consisting of a Priest and a Parish Chairman from the thirteen (13) Parishes and Districts that made up the diocese and leaders and representatives from the various Ministries and Institutions within the diocese are taking part in this meeting.

The (13) parishes that made up the Diocese of Central Solomons (DOCS) are: Savo, Vatilau, Sandfly, Ravu, Longana, Haleta, Boli, Belaga, Gaeta, Hogo, Bola, Na Utuha, Tulagi. Other church Ministries and Institutions include: Bungana Ministerial Training Center (MTC), Bishop Koete Rural Training Center (RTC), and Melanesian Brotherhood Household (MBH) Koloti and other church ministries and organizations in the diocese plus other Observers.

Strengthening the mission and ministry of various ministries within the Parishes and Districts are also the central focus of the dioceses. The house also focus on the ACOM strategic plan in alignment with the Diocesan strategic plan

It was also discussed during the synod that the Provincial Government, the Church and the house of Chiefs to re strengthen and formally come with some understanding for the better delivery of services to the people of Gela and Savo.


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