“Domestic Violence Still On The Rise”: Sr. Doreen

“Some homes are no longer safe for women, young girls and Children”.

This is a sad state of affairs reflected in the statement echoed by the Coordinator of the Christian Care Centre (CCC) Sr. Doreen in an interview with ACoM Communications.

She said, “a good number of women, young girls and children taking shelter at the Centre were results of domestic violence, sexual abuse and physical abuse by men at homes”.

“Some of these women are wives of well-educated and employers of Governments, Churches, NGOs and others.” She adds.

“Alcohol is one of the most contributing factor to the cause of domestic violence and sexual abuse to women and girls,” Sr. Doreen said.

“Responsible authorities must reduce or discourage more beer outlets in town and impose tough penalties to those selling and consuming alcohol in odd places and hours.” She said.

A volunteer who served at the center since the establishment says, “Government and Churches must work together to tackle the continuous growth of domestic violence, sexual abuse and physical abuse to women, girls and children in our education system”.

She says, “Government, Provinces and Churches who owns the schools in the country must encourage more awareness about Domestic Violence in schools or create curriculum and teach Domestic Violence right from Kiddy and Primary level where children began to learn.”

“Some children are coming from broken families where parents failed their duty to teach their children” she adds.

“This is where schools need to take up that responsibility to educate and raise awareness about this unwanted social behavior”, she concludes.

Anglican Church of Melanesian owned Christian Care Center acknowledges the newly sealed partnership with World Vision Solomon Islands who will support the center in capacity developments for CCC to provide its services more effectively.

The Centre receives the average of 10 to 15 domestic violated women and young girls a week.

“It is sad to say that women and girls coming into CCC is increasing” Sr. Doreen said.


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