Pamua Water Source Near Completion

AROUND a thousand students, teachers and people living in and close to St. Stephen’s College – Pamua in the Diocese of Hanuato’o in Makira Ulawa Province will soon benefit from a bore hole project that will supply water to the school.

This is a major achievement for the school as it has been experiencing water problems since the school was established.

The project was funded by the Anglican Board of Mission- Australia and is being built by the students from the Pamua Rural Training Centre, headed by Mr. Wesley Manebona, a skilled Industrial Arts Teacher at Selwyn College.

“The work begun in 2014 and is near completion”, said Mr. Desmond Waita, ACOM Education Officer who visited the school on the 23rd to 27th February as the students began their academic year.

“I was impressed to see students and teachers came out and work together on this project” Mr. Waita said.

A delighted student of the School, Miss Sharmalyn Fakaia, told Mr. Waita she is very happy that the school will now have a Water supply which is a very big problem for some time in the college.

“With this water supply in the college; students can now move into school activities on time which I believe will help us in our academic performances”, Miss Fakaia said.

“For so long we have wasted a lot of time going out to fetch water at nearby villages or shared a single water tap with the whole student body and teachers in the college”, Miss Fakaia continued.

Mr. Waita said the official opening of this project is expected to be held later on in March.

“The next project the school will engage in is its Sanitation”, said Mr. Waita.

Church members, former students of St. Stephen College and church partners both inside the country and overseas are urged to support the school in whichever way as most of the facilities in the college are too old.


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