The Provincial Press, a printing company owned by the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) operating under the Melanesian Holdings Ltd (MHL), demonstrated its commitment to the ACOM by presenting a part of its interim dividend of SBD 500,000.00 on Friday morning.

Mr. Michael Wate, chairman of the MHL board handed over the cheque to the Archbishop of ACOM witnessed by the ACOM General Secretary Dr. Abraham Hauriasi, General Manager of Provincial Press Mr. Eddie Daisango, and the Finance Manager of Provincial Press Mr. Hansford Vihia.

The handing-over ceremony took place at the ACOM conference on Friday morning. .

Mr. Wate in the brief handover ceremony stated that the payment is part of a $700,000 interim dividend declared by the company on its 2022 financial results.  He further explained that a final dividend will be announced by the MHL board once the audit of its 2022 financial accounts is completed in the coming weeks.

Expressing his satisfaction amidst numerous obstacles, in particular the covid pandemic in 2022, Wate stated, “Despite so many challenges, we’re happy that we can still do what is required of us.” This statement aptly reflects the resilience and determination exhibited by MHL and Provincial Press in fulfilling their obligations to ACoM.

The gesture was met with gratitude and appreciation by Archbishop Leonard, who wholeheartedly thanked MHL, its board of directors and management and staff,  for their continuous support of the church, particularly in addressing its printing needs. This financial contribution, earmarked for the development, expansion, and mission and ministry of the Anglican Church, holds significant value in furthering the church’s objectives.

The handing-over is a testament to the mutually beneficial partnership between the Provincial Press and the Anglican Church of Melanesia. It showcases MHL’s commitment to not only deliver informative and engaging content through Provincial Press but also contribute to the advancement of the church’s activities and initiatives.

This commendable act exemplifies the importance of collaboration between private enterprises and religious institutions. Such partnerships can create a positive impact, not only in the immediate community but also in the broader society.


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