MBH Companions of DOCM Welcome Brothers, Companions, and Regional Fathers from Vanuatu, PNG, Philippines, Australia, and SI

In a show of unity and companionship, the companions of the Melanesian Brotherhood in the Diocese of Central Melanesia in Honiara staged a beautiful welcome ceremony to their brothers, companions, and regional fathers from Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea (PNG), the Philippines, Australia, and the Solomon Islands last night at the Desmond Probert’s Hall, Saint Barnabas Provincial Cathedral.

The visitors have arrived in preparation for the highly anticipated 15th Great Conference of the MBH, set to officially commence this Sunday at Tabalia, the headquarters of the MBH, west Guadalcanal.

With vibrant smiles and warm embraces, the companions gathered at St. Barnabas to greet their fellow missionaries from different regions. The event marked a significant occasion for fostering stronger bonds and deepening the brotherhood’s commitment to its shared mission.

The 15th Great Conference or the highest meeting of the MBH is a momentous gathering that provides a platform for members to discuss important matters, share experiences, and strengthen their spiritual journey together. This event has been long-awaited and is expected to be filled with engaging discussions, uplifting prayers, and inspiring worship.

To honor the visiting brothers, companions, and regional fathers, an official welcome ceremony will take place this Saturday at Tabalia. The ceremony will serve as a formal acknowledgment of the presence and contribution of these esteemed guests, highlighting the significance of their participation in the conference.

The companions of DOCM, renowned for their devotion and service, are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to learn from their fellow missionaries from different regions. The exchange of experiences, knowledge, and spiritual insights promises to enrich the conference and deepen the bond between MBH members.

The Great Conference itself will provide a platform for discussions on topics such as community outreach programs, evangelism strategies, and the challenges faced by the Melanesian Brotherhood in contemporary society. Through these conversations, the aim is to develop practical solutions and reaffirm their commitment to promoting peace and harmony. The highlight of the conference would be the election of new leaders who will lead the MBH and their regions in the coming four years.

Notably, the conference also sets the stage for valuable dialogue on ways to address social issues and environmental concerns affecting Melanesia. The strength of the brotherhood lies in its ability to come together as a united front, addressing these challenges head-on with unwavering determination.

MBH companions, brothers, and regional fathers from Vanuatu, PNG, the Philippines, Australia, and the Solomon Islands have each made tremendous sacrifices to attend this significant event. Their presence illuminates the shared dedication and passion that brings them together in service of their shared faith.

The 15th Great Conference of the MBH is expected to be a transformative experience for all attendees.

As the opening ceremonies draw near, the anticipation is high, and the companions and brothers of the Melanesian Brotherhood eagerly await the rich discussions, workshops, fellowship, and spiritual growth that lie ahead.

The Great Conference will run from Saturday 14th to 29th this month. The election of new MBH leaders will be on Saturday 21st. The official closing of the two-week program will be on the feast day of the community, Saint Simon and Saint Jude on the 29th where the Admission of Brothers, Renewal vows, and release of Brothers will take place.



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    There is a way and there is a will.there is a will and there is a way. Looking forward for the greate conference God bless.

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