MBH Establishes New Household in Thursday Island

Archbishop Leonard, and Bishop Keith with the Brothers inside their new household in Queens landThe Melanesian Brotherhood (MBH), a locally founded religious order within the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM), marked a significant milestone by opening a new household on Thursday Island in the Diocese of North Queensland, Australia yesterday.

The dedication of the new household and the commissioning of six brothers were led by the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Melanesia, the Most Rev. Leonard Dawea, and the Bishop of the Diocese of Queensland, The Rt Rev. Keith Joseph.

During a moving sermon, Archbishop Leonard Dawea invoked the biblical story of the calling of the fishermen, drawing parallels to the mission and calling of the Melanesian Brotherhood. He emphasized the importance of answering God’s call with faith and dedication, a message that resonated deeply with both the brothers and the congregation in attendance.

Archbishop Dawea also extended heartfelt thanks to Bishop Keith Joseph and the people of the Torres Strait for their warm welcome and acceptance of the brothers into their community. This gesture underscores the spirit of collaboration and mutual support between the Anglican communities in Melanesia and Australia.

The ceremony was also graced by the presence of key figures from ACOM, including General Secretary Dr. Abraham Hauriasi, Mission Secretary Rev. Nelson Bako, and the Head Brother of the Melanesian Brotherhood, Br. Junior Ini. Their participation highlighted the significance of the event in the broader context of ACOM’s mission and ministry.

The establishment of the new household on Thursday Island represents a pivotal expansion of the Melanesian Brotherhood’s mission and ministry beyond the shores of the Solomon Islands, where it was founded. This move signifies the growing influence and outreach of the Brotherhood, extending its spiritual and communal services to new territories.

The Melanesian Brotherhood, founded in 1925 by Ini Kopuria, a police officer from the Solomon Islands, has grown to become one of the most significant religious orders in the Anglican Communion, known for its commitment to prayer, evangelical mission, and community service. The opening of the new household in Australia is a testament to the order’s dynamic growth and its enduring commitment to spreading the Gospel and serving communities across the Melanesian and Australian regions.

The new household on Thursday Island is poised to become a beacon of faith, hope, and service in the Diocese of North Queensland, fostering spiritual growth and community engagement in the Torres Strait and beyond. As the Melanesian Brotherhood continues to expand its presence and ministry, it reaffirms its dedication to the principles of brotherhood, service, and faith that have guided it for nearly a century.



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