Literacy Community Mobilizing Workshop A Way Forward

Mothers Union members of Chapuis Parish – Santo, DOVNC, dancing and displaying their gifts all the way from the mothers Union mem bers of St. Steven Taroaniara in the Diocese of Central Solomons – Solomon Islands. Below: Crews of MV Southern Cross sharing a time of joy together with MU and other members of Chapuis Parish after handing over the gifts.

ABOUT nine female representatives from each dioceses and a male representing the island of Sikaiana with in ACoM had attended a Community Mobilizing Workshop organized by Provincial Mothers Union Literacy on 22nd to 26th April 2013.

The training covers three main areas namely- Literacy Education, Project Management and Community Mobilization facilitated by skillful expertise with in ACoM and from other Non-Government organization.

Under the Literacy Education, the participants learnt the names of the alphabet, sounds/phonics, reading, writing, telling stories and dramatizing, translating texts. In Project Management, they learnt how to distribute resource materials from Provincial level to diocesan level and even down to Parish and community literacy schools in rural areas. They also look at training literacy teachers, Planning, monitoring and do evaluations as well as working on work plans, reporting formats and keep track on all mothers’ union office tools and other resource materials. Under the final part of the training – Community Mobilization; the training provides an opportunity for participants in using creative dialogue tools to address community issues such as health and nutrition, reduction of disease and illness, waste management, financial literacy, Climate change and sea level rise.

The Community Mobilizing Training was aimed at increasing the number of trained coordinators in the diocese and to increase their knowledge in the fields of reading, writing and arithmetic to name a few.

It was an interactive workshop where participants and facilitators both share ideas through experience and observations.

This is a way forward for the project to continue its work in the rural areas.

Literacy Project of the Church (ACoM) has won an International Certificate of Recognition by UNESCO for its excellent implementation of Adult Literacy Program in Solomon Islands on September 2012.


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