Hanuato’o Youth Program Reaches Kirakira Prisoners

Oftentimes we tend to draw up more activities or mission targeting those who are already enjoying life in free environment. Those who can run around looking for their own food when they are hungry, go to hospitals when sick and run to their parents or someone close to them to share their discomfort.
But what about those who are locked behind bars? Those who are mentally sick, crying for comfort? Those who are doing unwanted activities within our societies? May be those are the ones we must also visit, share with and help them set their foot back on track.
Youth department of the Diocese of Hanuato’o in Makira Ulawa Province is extending its program down to the prisoners at Kirakira.
In the months of April and May this year, Diocesan Youth Coordinator Mr. Kenneth Laka together with the diocesan mission office carried out two series of trainings to the prisoners. These half hour training sessions, were based on Stress Management and decision making/ Positive thinking and Mental Health Eight prisoners, mostly young men, attended the trainings at Kirakira Correctional center.
The Half an Hour Sessions on the selected days a week had contributed a lot to the lives of these young men.
One prisoner said he was relieved off some stress after going through the sessions.
Mr. Kenneth Laka appealed to all the stakeholders, NGO, Ministries and religious organizations to take time visit and assist in the rehabilitation of inmates.


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