CCC Lights Up With Solar Power

Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace (MNURP) on Monday handed over solar power lighting equipment to Anglican Church of Melanesian (ACoM) owned Christian Care Centre at Tenaru.

The equipment is funded under the United Nation Trust Fund for Human Security (UNTFHS) through MNURP.

The equipment is solar panel set one hundred kilowatt supplyby Islands Enterprise Ltd.

In a statement at the handing over ceremony Permanent Secretary Lennis Rukale said Christian Care Centre is one of the important stakeholders that jointly implemented and oversees peace and harmony in our country.

He added Ministry believed that the solar power equipment will provide lighting for the Centre to further advance peace and healing to victims of domestic violence and other forms of abuse.

Thus, PS highlighted Christian Care Center (CCC) plays a major role in maintaining peace and unity in families and in our society.

He says “human security and human rights is important in Solomon Islands, due to the lingering causes of ethnic conflict or “tensions”, social fragmentation, chronic poverty, abuse of human rights and lack of basic social facilities in many areas of our societies are still evident”.

Therefore, the work of peace-building and conflict resolution remain a substantial component to address in post conflict Solomon Islands.

He added Human Security initiative for tension reduction reconciliation and rehabilitation project in Solomon Islands was signed in 2012 and jointly implemented by UNDP, ILO and UNICEF in partnership with the Ministry of National Unity Reconciliation and Peace and other stakeholders.

And the main objective of this project is to improve local governance and provide capacity building measures to local stakeholders and also promote reintegration and make it fully functional to meet the needs of the target communities for human security and peaceful co-existence.


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