Vura Parish In Honiara Commemorates Feast Day

VURA Transfiguration Church in the Diocese of Central Melanesia in Honiara celebrated the feast of Transfiguration on Sunday (28th/ 08/ 2016).

Together with the feast of Transfiguration was the first official visit of the Diocesan Bishop who is also the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Melanesia the Most Reverend George Takeli to the Parish as well as the dedication of a newly built parish hall at bottom floor of the existing parish hall.

Ninety one children both from Vura Transfiguration Church, Soap Factory area, St. James at Burns Creek and High way area (Lee Kwok queen area) also received their first holy communion after being confirmed by the Archbishop on Saturday evening.

In his transfiguration sermon, Archbishop Takeli highlighted the word ‘change’ to a packed crowd who came to witness and celebrate the day’s program.

He said to transform means to change or be given a new form or hope for the future.

“Hope is the vision to see the purpose of our lives in the future and prayer is the only key to open the mystery for the future of our lives” he stated.

Challenges will be there in times of change, but be assured that God will sharpen our minds to deal with these challenges, he goes on to say.

Former Rectors who once served at the Parish and the choir from Selwyn College also came to witness the day’s celebration that ended with feasting, speeches and entertainments.


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