Selwyn College Host 2017 Graduation And Prize Giving Day


THE Church owned Selwyn College has hosted its 2017 graduation and prize giving day on Friday 6th October 2017 with a theme “embracing education through Challenge”.

Parents from far and near travelled to the school to witness another successful chapter of the school.

Former students of Selwyn College, Officials from the Anglican Church of Melanesia, and representatives from Business houses joined guest of honour, the Secretary of the Prime Minister Dr Fred Isom Rohorua during the graduation.

Delivering his keynote speech Dr Rohorua said the theme “Embracing Education through Challenge” clearly highlight the importance of education in human development.

“It is perceived as a positive instrument through life’s challenges can be faced head on and confronted with confidence that these challenges can in due course be met and resolved.

“In my mind, education perceived in this matter presents us with a futuristic and forward looking sensibility and perspectives whereby education becomes a problem solving mechanism and means to an end,” he said.

Dr Rohorua told the students that education is the basis of addressing challenges through characters building process in schools and universities.

He stressed that education is an important process that students must hold on despite many challenges.

Dr Rohorua said school life is challenging but self-determination with commitment can overcome the temptations in school.

He said education is the only medication that would help individuals, families, communities and also a country live a better life.

Dr Rohorua advised that students to use education as a spring board to overcome challenges and also provides greater opportunity for better future.

He said Solomon Islands Government has continued to work hard in its power to help the current and future generation of Solomon Islands get better education through policy formulations and implementation.

Dr Rohorua said importance of education is part of the country’s national development strategy objective three which aimed at improving access to quality and health education for students in Solomon Islands.

He said National Development Strategy sees education as important tool to help make life better and at the same time improve the lives and well-being of all Solomon Islanders.

“Access to quality education is essential to build the capacity for growth and meet the manpower needs of Solomon Islands for increased growth and livelihoods, enhancing people’s well-being.

“It is with these understanding that the government keeps on pushing for better education in our country,” Dr Rohorua said.

He continues to say that better education can help the country execute the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nation Organisation.

The official programme end with prize presentation and four outstanding were awarded School Dux of the year award and they are; Nori Nara (Junior Dux Award 2017), Rosanna Chan (Intermediate Dux Award 2017), Julianne Rukale Rahea (Senior Dux Award 2017 Arts) and Robert Floyd (Senior Dux Award 2017 Science).

Form seven highest GPA awards goes to Eta Junior Cameron, Hagovena Kolibea, Moka Liza, Tome Edgar and Tungale Idah Rose.

Close to two hundred other students were also smiled with prizes when reuniting with their parents after the graduation ceremony.


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