Selco Snatched 2015 ACOMSIC Title

SELWYN COLLEGE is crowned the overall winner in the recent ACOMSIC games held in Honiara from 28th June to 3rd July 2015.

Selwyn College came top after collecting fourteen (14) win –  2nd in the secondary choir category, 1st in junior speech contest, 2nd in secondary cultural dance, 1st in junior volleyball (girls), 1st in junior volley ball (boys), 1st in senior volley ball (boys), 1st in senior volley ball (girls), 1st in secondary girls futsal, 3rd in secondary boys futsal, 1st in junior rugby, 1st in senior rugby, 2nd in junior netball, 1st in senior netball, 2nd in both junior soccer and senior.

Saint Stephen Pamua and C E Fox Sa’a came second in the overall placing.

The games are played in Primary, Junior and senior categories. The games include: Athletics – track competitions, other field games, ball games like soccer, netball and volley ball and indoor activities such as speech competition and cultural shows from the participating schools.

Due to the unfriendly weather condition on that week cancelled athletics.

ACOMSIC organizing Committee would like to thank the main sponsors of this years’ event. They are: The Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs; Solomon Airlines; Soltuna; Solomon Islands Business Magazine; Melanesian Holdings and the Anglican Church of Melanesia.

“ACoM Education sees the importance of reviving the game because it will bring friendship and unity to the students and teachers,” Mr. Waita said.

Through sport and play, we acknowledge our differences but respect one another because each one of us is unique in his or her own right. Therefore, adopting the theme for the ACOMSIC games – “Embracing Culture, Peace, Unity and Friendship through sports is a step in the right direction as it sets sports” a development tool and therefore embraces sport from a holistic perspective. Hon. Jimson Tanangada, MP, Minister for Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs said in his speech at the opening ceremony at Lawson Tama.

“We are all come from different backgrounds; different islands, languages, cultures, schools, and apart from the ACoM some of us belong to other sister denominations. Not knowing others very well often makes us suspicious of them. Unless we come together more often, we will not be able to understand each other and appreciate how our differences can really be used positively to our advantage. Through our interactions through sports and other social activities such as those being organized during this weeklong event, we may even find that we may not be different after all and what we share in common could be far greater than what we find different in others. You will find that the person against whom who will be competing is really a friend and ally rather than a foe;” General Secretary of the Anglican Church of Melanesia Dr. Abraham Hauriasi said in his address to the opening of the ACOMSIC games 2015.

Hon. Jimson also challenged ACOMSIC Organizing committee to include special children in any future games.

“The last ACOMSIC game organized was in 2006,” Mr. Desmond Waita said.

The Schools participated in this years’ ACOMSIC games are; Selwyn College, St. Nicholas College (Secondary, and Primary), Norman Palmer School, St. Stephen College (Pamua) that includes Secondary, RTC and Primary, C.E.Fox (Sa’a)Secondary, RTC, Primary, Bishop Koete RTC, Garanga RTC, Airahu RTC, Vaturanga Primary and Taroniara Primary.

More than one thousand competitors from seven institutions run by Anglican Church of Melanesia in Solomon Islands participated in this year’s Association of the Church of Melanesia Schools and Institutions and Communities (ACoMSIC) games.


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