Rt. Rev. Nathan Tome Visits Southern Districts Of Guadalcanal

THE Diocesan Bishop of Guadalcanal the Rt. Rev. Nathan Tome made his first episcopal visit to the five districts on the southern part of Guadalcanal from the 9th to the 15th of February.
This was his first visit to Sughu, Marasa, Kolina, Moli and Marau main land districts since the inauguration of the Diocese of Guadalcanal that was held in June last year.
The main purpose of the visit was to bring down to the people in the districts that plan and visions of the diocese and as well as to hear from the people what they want of their eight months old diocese.
In his address to the people in the visited districts; Bishop Tome highlighted the need for unity for the progress of the diocese.
“The people of the diocese of Guadalcanal must work together with the diocesan office, only then we will see our diocese moving forward,” Bishop Tome said.
“We have all the resources to move the diocese forward,” he said.
He urged the people of the diocese to forget the past but work together, heal our wounds and let us be a loving and caring people of this diocese.
He assured the people of the visited districts of the priority of the diocese, which is for the mission department to take on the leading role in healing and working towards uniting families and communities back together.
During the tour, Rt. Rev Tome also ordained Mr. William Rou and Mr. Simon Peter into the office of the Deaconate at Saint Paul’s Chapel, Wandra bay – Sughu district. He also confirmed children and conducted bible teachings are other activities.
Accompanying Bishop Tome in this episcopal tour were his VICAR General, Diocesan Secretary, Mission Secretary, Youth Coordinator and representatives from the diocesan Mothers Union desk.


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