Pioneer Novices At David Sale Section Headquarter

EIGHT Novices (pictured) were the pioneers of the David Sale Section Headquarters in the Diocese of Guadalcanal.

They were admitted on 25th April by the Section Elder Brother Mark Tofodi and the Diocesan Bishop of the Diocese of Guadalcanal, the Right Reverend Nathan Tome.

The establishment of this Section Headquarter signifies the continuous growth of mission in the Diocese of Guadalcanal Bishop Tome said in his speech at the gathering.

Head Brother of the Melanesian Brotherhood, Br Nelson Bako said, the Section Headquarter will further improve the Coordination of the mission activities of the Brothers in the Diocese of Guadalcanal.

Good number of family members, relatives and companions and members of the Melanesian Brotherhood witnessed the admission.

David Sale Section Headquarter was consecrated on the 24th September 2017 by the Diocesan Bishop Nathan Tome although preparations began in 2015.

David Sale household is one of the five existing households in the Diocese of Guadalcanal. This excludes Tambalia the Central Head Quarters of the Brotherhood. The household exist since its establishment way back in 1980’s/1990’s.

Due to the flooding in 2010 the household was closed to be relocated to a new site called Tenaghau in 2011. The relocation was agreed during the Brothers Section Conference at Tabalia in 2010 and the ground work of the relocation eventuated in 2012 but with very little progress. However, the new site was on a higher ground and is safe from flooding on a very rich and fertile land within Tathiboko Ilonga Parish and the closest churches are St. Philip/ James Komukama and St. Luke Suu.

The land was a free will offering from the indigenous land owning tribe which was shield on paper in 2014.

In 2014, the Diocesan Synod of the Diocese of Guadalcanal passed the need to establish this Section Head Quarters at David Sale Household. Therefore, work to upgrade the household to the new Section Head Quarters of the Diocese of Guadalcanal began in 2015 and was consecrated in 2017.

The Melanesian Brotherhood would like to thank Stephen Paeni, John Bikusa, Elizabeth Parakali, Daniel Ohgaogha, Stephen Sikua and John Garimane and their tribe for their good heart in offering their land for the work of God. A plaque was erected at the household as a memory of their good heart and the tribe to sincerely given up their land for the mission of God. During the consecration a chupu was presented to different groups. More than 3,000 people witnessed the occasion.


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