More Than 10,000 Witness Passion Of Our Lord

MORE than ten thousand (10,000) Anglican members with in and few around the Diocese of Central Melanesia (DOCM) took the streets of Honiara in a pilgrimage walk as they commemorate the journey of our Lord Jesus Christ to the cross – Good Friday.
The drama begun with an opening prayer led by the Archbishop of Melanesia, who is also the Bishop of DOCM, The Most Reverend David Vunagi at the All Saints Chapel before the huge crowd surprised the travelling public in Honiara town as they walk east ward to the Saint Barnabas Cathedral.
“Our walking together was a symbol of solidarity in our journey with Jesus. Our walking together demonstrated the unity of our hearts and mind in bearing witness to the passion and suffering of Christ. It was about walking together with Jesus to Calvary” Archbishop David addressed the parked crowd at the St. Barnabas grounds straight after the Passion drama.
Archbishop David said, “The Passion drama that we saw today illustrated explicitly the message of Good Friday”.
“It reminded us that more than two thousand years ago man put to death the son of God because of our ignorance, greed, hatred and jealousy the sources of conflict that exist even to this day”, Archbishop David said.
Children, youths and elders of Tuvaruhu Parish staged the Passion drama at the St. Barnabas Cathedral ground.
It was truly a well-rehearsed drama that amazed the huge crowd that packed the cathedral grounds that overflowed to the top of the hills surrounding the cathedral.
Judas’ character is one amongst many that can’t stop the crowd from shouting and laughing.
“It was just right to have such person taking up right characters”, one boy said in the parked crowd.
“I was deeply touched when I saw these children, youths and elders of Tuvaruhu Parish putting on this fabulous show”, one woman said to her friend.
“Tuvaruhu is one of the most affected areas during the recent flash floods in Honiara, but they have staged a very moving drama”, she said.
As we reflect on the passion and suffering of Christ, let us bring to mind the victims of the flash flood – those who lost homes, property and loved ones, Archbishop stated in his address.
The day was filled with joy and excitement.
On behalf of the organizing committee, the Mission Secretary of the Anglican Church of Melanesia, Reverend George Elo would like to thank the Archbishop of Melanesia, the Most Rev. David Vunagi, the VICAR General and Staff of the DOCM, the ACOM Provincial Head Quarter and all the Parishes and Institutions and the general public for turning in huge numbers to support the program.


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