In a remarkable display of unity and reverence, the Diocese of Central Solomons (DOCS) unveiled a memorial monument of the late Charles Sapibuana on Friday 17th November.

Over a thousand parishioners from Gaeta district, along with representatives from twelve other districts and two parishes making up DOCS, came together to witness the blessing of this monument dedicated to the first Missionary Teacher and Deacon who hailed from Lango, Gaeta district, Ngella.

Honorable Samuel Manetoali, Member of Parliament for the Gao-Bugotu constituency who is also the Minister for  the Ministry of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs and Honorable Bartholomew Parapolo of Ngela constituency who is also from Lango village attended this important ceremony.

Prior to the blessing, there was a pilgrimage that started at Belaga district small Ngella by the 250 plus youth members from the nearby districts led by some clergymen from the diocese.

According to history written on the monument, the late Charles Sapibuana, a revered figure within the Christian community, played a significant role in introducing the Gospel to Lango village. As the first missionary teacher and deacon, he tirelessly dedicated his life to spreading the message of faith, hope, and love among the villagers. Sapibuana’s impact went beyond religious teachings.

The ceremony began with a heartfelt tribute to the late Sapibuana, featuring testimonials from those who had been touched by his teachings and compassionate nature. Parishioners from Gaeta district shared how Sapibuana’s presence, guidance, and unwavering dedication had transformed their lives and the community at large.

As the solemn event unfolded, DOCS representatives led the congregation in prayers, invoking blessings upon the memorial monument. The monument, a beautifully crafted structure, serves as a lasting tribute to Sapibuana’s profound influence on the spiritual and educational landscape of Lango village.

Notably, the presence of representatives from other districts and parishes showcased the widespread impact of Sapibuana’s ministry, extending beyond his immediate community. The unity displayed by DOCS and its affiliated districts epitomized the shared commitment to honor and celebrate the selfless work of individuals who paved the way for spiritual enlightenment and community development.

The arrival of 250 youths on pilgrimage from Belaga district added an air of excitement and energy to the proceedings. These young individuals, inspired by Sapibuana’s legacy, embarked on a spiritual journey, symbolizing their dedication to carry forward his teachings and passion for service.

The blessing of the memorial monument began with a holy eucharist service led by the Right Reverend Steven Koete, Bishop of the DOCS who presided, and Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Central Melanesia the Right Rev. Othnielson Gamutu who shared from the word of God and who later blessed the memorial monument.

The dedication of this monument serves as a reminder of the enduring impact that individuals like Sapibuana have on society. Their efforts and unwavering faith continue to inspire generations, fostering a legacy of compassion, spirituality, and community development.

DOCS, along with the parishioners, representatives, and pilgrims in attendance, demonstrated the power of unity and reverence in honoring the remarkable life of Charles Sapibuana. As the memorial monument stands tall in Lango village, it will serve as a beacon of inspiration for future generations, instilling a sense of pride in their cultural and spiritual heritage.


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