DOCM Youth And Mothers Union Leaders Held Gender Based Violence Workshop

MORE than twenty Youth and Mothers Union leaders in the six parishes in the Diocese of Central Melanesia (DOCM) are currently attending a three day workshop on Gender Based Violence (GBV) held at the Diocesan Conference room in Honiara.
The aim of the workshop is to inform Youth and Mothers Union leaders of DOCM regarding the degree of Gender Based Violence occurring in our families and society and how can we contribute to inform men and women in our congregations of its consequences on our families and society.
Fr. Philip Rongotha VICAR General of the Diocese of Central Melanesia (DOCM) in his welcome remarks this morning (Wednesday 25th May 2016) said; “Reducing Gender based Violence and Creating a Healthy Family is the work of all family members and NOT just the father or the mother. All members of the family have different roles and responsibilities in ensuring the family is stable”.
“Having healthy and stable families is not only about responding to a violent situation or conflict situation positively, but it also involves informing people about values that promote healthy relationships that avoid family conflicts escalating into violence,” Fr. Rongotha further said.
Workshop participants are expected to develop programs and activities at the end of the workshop that can be implemented at the parish level.
He called on all men, young and old to join the program when coming to your parishes and be advocators for non-violent responses to conflicts at homes.
The three day workshop is facilitated by World Vision Solomon Islands and is organised by DOCM Youth office. The workshop will end on Friday.


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