Church Must Bring About Transformation In The Life Of People”: Archbishop Vunagi

“The CHURCH must bring about Transformation in the life of people” Archbishop David Vuinagi of the Anglican Church of Melanesia made the statement in his opening address to a six days Alcohol Awareness and Dry Out workshop held at the All Saints hall yesterday morning (Monday 8th June 2014).

According to the Chairman of the Alcohol Awareness and Dry Out committee, Fr. Robert Piringisau, the objectives of the program are :  to eradicate alcoholism and prevent it from causing problems to families and communities; to help parents and their families live in happiness and harmony by sharing and working together; to help alcoholics improve their lives and change their attitude or reform their lives; to provide assistance to the youths so that they can resist or handle problems from drug and alcohol abuse; to offer counseling and rehabilitation support and services to alcoholics so that they may recover physically and spiritually; to carry out public awareness and to provide assistance to families, youths, institutions etc…in their efforts to attain a life of peace, prosperity and quality living through harmony and tolerance.

Archbishop Vunagi , who  initiated the campaign against abuse of alcohol immediately after being enthroned as the fifth Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Melanesia told participants that the abuse of alcohol that triggers social behaviors is as old as the history of the human race. However the problem continues to happen today which further escalates social problems in society.

“Abuse of alcohol is a disease and like any other diseases there is injustice when people live in ignorance about its causes and effects.” Archbishop Vunagi told participants when formally opening the workshop.

“I believe that like other diseases, abuse of alcohol is a source of poverty. It is for that reason that I see the importance of the church involving in this campaign. The bottom line is that the Church must bring transformation in the life of the people;” he said.

He also urged the participants to have the passion, interest and commitment when rolling out the program in respective parishes within the diocese.

The Diocese of Central Melanesia (DoCM) took on the program since 2012 and since then had made awareness in its parishes and church institutions in and around Honiara.

This is the first training of trainers who will in turn carry out the program in their respective parishes.


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