ACoM Leaders Applaud Bishop Koete Vocational Training Centre

The Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Melanesia the Most Rev. David Vunagi and the General Secretary of the Church Dr. Abraham Hauriasi have applauded the Principal, staff and students of Bishop Koete Vocational Training Centre for the developments in the school within the last four year period.

Established in 2010, Bishop Koete Vocational Training Centre in its current stage simply shows the passion and working together of the teachers and the students.

Bishop Koete now housed nearly all of its fourteen staff and the 150 students and had already built several permanent buildings.

Principal of Bishop Koete Training Centre, Mr. John Wesley Kuma said, the school is one of the church developments that placesemphasis on the third vision of Bishop Selwyn which is to develop our youths to be equipped for useful industry in their own families, communities, Province and the nation Solomon Islands.

Mr. Kuma also thank the church for her continuing support towards the development of the school.

Archbishop David and the ACoM General Secretary Dr. Hauriasi visited the school during their visit to Taroaniara over the Easter week end.

Bishop Koete Training Centre is around 20 minutes’ walk from Taroaniara Station in the Diocese of Central Solomons.


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