ACOM and UCSI Churches Strengthen Ties in uplifting Meeting

Bishop Ellison Quity, Bishop of the Diocese of Ysabel in the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM), paid a warm courtesy visit to Reverend Armstrong Pitakaji, Moderator of the United Church, on Sunday, May 12th. The meeting at the Assembly office in Kokeqolo, Munda, reaffirmed the longstanding and close relationship between the two churches.

The atmosphere was one of mutual respect and solidarity. Reverend Pitakaji welcomed Bishop Quity and highlighted the importance of such visits in upholding stronger connections between the Anglican Church of Melanesia and the United Church of Solomon Islands (UCSI).

He expressed his appreciation for ACOM’s support, particularly Bishop Quity’s contributions and the Anglican Church’s ongoing assistance to UCSI. Reverend Pitakaji acknowledged the invaluable role ACOM has played in various initiatives, reflecting a true spirit of cooperation and partnership between the two denominations.

Bishop Quity, in response, emphasized ACOM’s enduring commitment to UCSI. He stressed that their bond goes beyond mere affiliation, representing a deep partnership rooted in faith and service. “ACOM is, and will always be, your sister church,” Bishop Quity declared, underscoring the lasting nature of their relationship.

Both leaders reflected on the historical significance of the churches’ alliance, tracing it back to a pivotal meeting in 1991. It was then that the late Philemon Riti, Moderator of UCSI, and the late Archbishop Ellison Pogo of ACOM established a strong bond of friendship and collaboration, laying the groundwork for the enduring partnership that continues today.

The meeting served as a heartwarming reminder of the power of unity and cooperation. As Bishop Quity and Reverend Pitakaji conversed and shared their hopes for the future, their gathering exemplified the importance of working together to spread love, compassion, and faith within their communities.


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