DOY Synod 2023 - Sepi Village“Empower Message of Hope and Restoration for All on Earth” Is the theme for the 17th Diocesan Synod of the Diocese of Ysabel, which is currently going on at Sepi village, Bugotu, in Isabel.

Highlighting the theme in his charge, the Right Reverend Ellison Quity, Bishop of the Diocese said; the theme raises critical research questions on biblical, theological, and ethical principles that aim to empower individuals and communities with messages of hope and restoration.

He said; ‘The theme reminds the diocese of the resilience and strength that Christianity holds, and we are gathered here today to deliberate, discuss, and seek ways to support and uplift one another, navigating the obstacles that test our faith.’

“The issues we face are diverse and complex; Economic hardships, cultural shifts, and environmental concerns all impact our communities and their spiritual well-being,” continued the Bishop.

“By working together and implementing a spirit of collaboration and inclusion, we can provide support, guidance, and reassurance to those seeking hope and restoration within our Diocese and those that need our support,” he concluded.

Speaking on the same theme, Mr. Peter Pitia, Chief Operating Officer of the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) who delivered the keynote address said, the call may come from the backdrop and realization of the brokenness, struggles, agitation, anger, distress, tears, marginalization and hopelessness humanity is grappling with due to – growing economic struggles in our communities, social disintegration, poor health and social services in our rural areas, environmental destruction, impacts of climates change, domestic violence and abuse and corruption.

“It is the duty of this house to discuss openly and strategically and come up with possible solutions that will help us bring back empowerment, hope, and restoration to our people,” Pitia said.

More than 119 synod members and observers comprising es of clergy and lay representatives from the four regions, Institutions, and ministerial groups in the diocese attended the synod.

A two-member team from the United Church of Solomon Islands (UCSI) Assembly Office led by Reverend Hillary Bero also joined the synod as observers under the special relationship between DOY and UCSI.

The synod program began on the afternoon of Sunday 16th with a colorful welcome ceremony by the host and nearby communities and schools, followed by an opening Holy Eucharist service, the Bishop’s charge, and the keynote address on Monday 17th.

The synod business ends on Friday.


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