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Wednesday, 09 April 2014 09:46


GENERAL SYNOD is the highest decision making body in the Church of Melanesia. The synod The General Synod will normally be called together by the Chairperson every third year but, at the Chairperson's discretion, may be called more frequently if required.

Archbishop of the Church is the Chairperson of the synod or, in his absence, the Senior Bishop.

At the beginning of each day of the Synod, the Chairperson will ask for any Notices of Motion or Questions. These must be written out and handed to the General Secretary who will read them out and then hand them to the Chairperson, PROVIDED THAT at the Chairperson's discretion, the right to move motions or ask questions pursuant to Clause K. 2 (b) hereunder may be suspended at any time during the second week of General Synod, but such suspension shall not apply to matters of urgency arising during the second week and which could not have been put forward during the first week.

A Motion can be brought forward on any subject which (a) affects the conduct of business in the Synod, or (b) seeks to express the mind of the General Synod on any matter of concern, but does not otherwise bind the Church PROVIDED THAT any motion involving the expenditure of funds or which has other financial implications shall be raised in the debate on the Provincial Budget.

Before each General Synod the Church's Constitutional Review Committee shall review all Motions agreed to at the preceding General Synod and shall make a report to the next General Synod with a recommendation as to which of those Motions should be regarded as Standing Resolutions.

The General Synod shall consider the report and accept or reject any of the recommendations. All those recommendations which are accepted shall then be regarded as Standing Resolutions. They shall be printed with other Standing Resolutions on a special page in the Manual of the Anglican Church of Melanesia and they shall remain in force until they are cancelled at a further Session of the General Synod.

Minutes of the General Synod will be made each day by the General Secretary who may choose clerks to help him in this work. The Minutes will be confirmed the following day. The Minutes of the last day of the Synod will be confirmed by the Chairperson and three
other members of the General Synod appointed by the Chairperson. After they are approved, the Minutes will be printed and sent to all members of the Synod and to the Clergy of the Province.


The number of persons who may be clergy and lay representatives of the General Synod in accordance with Article 7 Clause A 2(b) and Article 7 Clause A 3(a) are as follows:

Representatives of the clergy who may be Senior Priests, priests or Deacons, elected by the clergy of each Diocese in the following numbers:
Central Melanesia - 3
Ysabel - 3
Malaita - 4
Vanuatu - 3
Temotu - 3
Hanuato'o - 3
Banks & Torres - 3
Central Solomons - 3
Guadalcanal - 3

Representatives of the Laity elected by the Lay Members of each Diocesan Synod from among the members of the Synod in the following numbers:
Central Melanesia - 2
Ysabel - 2
Malaita - 3
Vanuatu - 2
Temotu - 2
Hanuato'o - 2
Banks & Torres - 2
Central Solomons - 2
Guadalcanal - 3

Election of Representatives took place at the first Diocesan Synod held after a General Synod but those so elected will wait until the next normal meeting of the General Synod before taking up their duties.
The Dioceses hold at least one Diocesan Synod between one General Synod and another.

Information derived from the 2011 ACOM MANUAL.

Click here for more information about the rules of running a General Synod (standing order) and Membership of the General Synod on page 59 - 62 of the 2011 ACoM Manual under the file Constitutions & Canons.

Monday, 24 March 2014 16:14

Mission to Sea farers

THE mission to sea farers is a missionary society of the Anglican Church which is committed to promoting the wellbeing of seafarers and their families worldwide.

Since its establishment in the Anglican Church in the Province of Melanesia, Chaplains have been mandated to the office in Honiara are: Fr. Wilson Mapuru, Fr. George Elo and currently Fr. Hillary Anisi.

With the expansion of the Ministry; there are other centers which are set up in Noro Port in the Western Province and in Lata in Temotu Province. 

Anglican Church of Melanesia  also establish Mission to Seafarers in Port Vila, and the first Chaplain was Fr James Marvin Ligo( the current DOVNC Bishop), Fr Joseph Tagaro, Fr Ephraim Mathias and now Fr Michael Tavoa Junior.

The mission to seafarers provided Ministerial Care and support for those who leave their homes and families to work at sea.

Today, in port of Honiara, both International and national seafarers make use of their limited time ashore as they have affordable communication facilities being provided by shipping agents and the Mission to Seafarers office.

THE Archbishop of the Church of Melanesia COM, the Most Reverend David Vunagi told the eighteen newly graduating facilitators to be pragmatic in their new responsibility as Positive Parenting Facilitators and work towards bridging the different components of human developments.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014 09:34

John Coleridge Patteson University

The mature status of Education in the Anglican Church of Melanesia started in the 1800’s when the first Melanesians were taken to be educated overseas. Since then, education was a mission the church is committed herself to undertake until today. In the mid 1990’s the church has decided to develop its education system into tertiary level.

The momentum started to pick up since then. In November 1998, the General Synod has approved the formation of the church’s own university with the priority to establish it in the faculty of the school of theology at Bishop Patteson Theological College. The General Synod also approved for the new University to be called the John Coleridge Patteson University. And in 2008 the church was able to acquire a piece of land from the landowners for the relocation of the Bishop Patteson Theological College from west Guadalcanal to the new site in north Guadalcanal plains.

It has always been the church’s commitment to collaborate with other education providers and stakeholders. The acquisition of the piece of land in north Guadalcanal more than enough to hold seven different faculties is seen as the church’s commitment for tertiary institutional learning. And this tertiary commitment should actually begin when the church is able to give the green light for the work to begin with the help of the landowners.

Monday, 10 March 2014 10:57

Assistant Bishop of Malaita

Right Rev. Rickson George Maomaoru

Mobile: +677 


Friday, 07 March 2014 11:54

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Thursday, 06 March 2014 12:25

COM Consecrated new Bishop for DOBT

THE Anglican Church of Melanesia, which includes Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia has successfully consecrated and installed Reverend Patteson Worek to become the third Bishop of the Diocese of Banks and Torres (DOBT) in Vanuatu.

THE Diocesan Bishop of Guadalcanal the Rt. Rev. Nathan Tome made his first episcopal visit to the five districts on the southern part of Guadalcanal from the 9th to the 15th of February.

Friday, 21 February 2014 11:57

About the Diocese of Guadalcanal

THE Diocese of Guadalcanal in the Province of Guadalcanal is the newly inaugurated diocese in the Province of Melanesia. The diocese was inaugurated on the 23rd of June 2013 at the St. Paul’s Chapel at Legalau village, Tasiboko – east of Honiara. The first Bishop of the Diocese of Guadalcanal is the then Senior Bishop in the Province of Melanesia – the Right Reverend Nathan Tome who was elected into the post on the 6th of September 2013 by the diocesan electoral board at TNK.

Out of thousands witnessing the event were the then Deputy Prime Minister of Solomon Islands Honorable Manasseh Maelanga along with other Government Ministers and the leader of Opposition Dr. Derrick Sikua, Archbishop David Vunagi and the Council of Bishops, Archbishop Adrian Smith of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Honiara, General Secretary Dr. Abraham Hauriasi, Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor, clergy men and women and lay people of the church of Melanesia that includes Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

Representatives from the Melanesian Mission United Kingdom, Australia Board of Mission and Melanesia Trust Board New Zealand also witnessed the inauguration of the diocese.

Archbishop Adrian Smith of the Roman Catholic Church - archdiocese of Honiara is the preacher on that day.

The Diocese of Guadalcanal covers areas from beyond Lunga Bridge on the east and from beyond White River Bridge on the west of Honiara.

Currently, the head quarter of the diocese is located right next to the DOCM. The diocesan cathedral is St. Paul’s chapel at Legalau.



Diocesan Bishop

Right Rev. Nathan Tome


Diocesan Secretary

Mr. Philip Kapini

Phone: (677) 23337

Mobile: (677) 7499853


Vicar General

Fr. John Chris Sam

Phone: (677) 23337


Mission Secretary

Fr. Francis Lauvatu 

Phone: (677) 23337

Friday, 21 February 2014 11:55

About the Diocese of Central Melanesia

The Diocese of Central Melanesia (DOCM) was the first dioceses in the Province of Melanesia that was formed in January 1975. She was the Mother diocese of DOT, DOH, DOCS and recently DOG.

Late John Chisholm was the first Bishop of the Diocese of Central Melanesia (DOCM) and also the first Archbishop of the Province of Melanesia in 1975. After his passing shortly after his appointment as Primate of the Province of Melanesia; Late Norman Palmer then became the second Bishop of the Diocese and also the Archbishop of the Province of Melanesia. Late Palmer holds the post from 1975 till 1987 when he was succeeded by Late Amos Waiaru who holds the top post from 1988 to 1994. In 1995 Late Sir Ellison Pogo became the Diocesan Bishop and the Archbishop of the Province of Melanesia until 2008. Then The Most Reverend David Vunagi holds the post from 2009 to September 2015

The current Archbishop elect, and the Bishop elect for DOCM who will be enthroned on the 17th of April 2016 at St. Barnabas Provincial Cathedral is The Rt Rev. George Takeli. He is the Bishop of Temotu before being elected to this post.

The DOCM is currently made up of six (6) Parishes namely: St. Barnabas, All Saints, St. Albans, Tuvaruhu Parish, Christ the King Parish and Vura Parish all with in the vicinity of Honiara.

There are eleven (11) stipendiary priests, ten (10) Non Stipendiary Priests and four (4) Deacons currently working in the diocese.


Diocesan Bishop & Archbishop 

The Most Reverend George Takeli

Diocesan Secretary

Mr. John Mark

P: +677 21435

VICAR General

Rev. Philip Rongota

P: +677 23382 / 21474