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Tuesday, 03 December 2013 14:15

COM Pours in Support for tsunami Victims in Temotu

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The Anglican Church of Melanesia yesterday loaded their flag ship MV Southern Cross with foods, house hold materials, clothing, gardening tools, stationaries and other materials for the victims of the recent Tsunami that pounded and flooded the coastal villages of Nea, Bania, Manoputi, Nemba, Venga, Luova, and Malo on Santa Cruz.

Saturday, 16 November 2013 01:05

Late Sir Ellison Pogo Left a Legacy

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The Anglican Church of Melanesia on May this year pay final tribute to one of its great and the most decorated leader of the Church, the former Archbishop, Archbishop Emeritus Sir Ellison Pogo.

Late Sir Pogo died peacefully at his residence at Ngossi, West Honiara on the 13th May 2013.

Saturday, 16 November 2013 01:04

Meet Ethel and Smith: Vocation and Volcanos in Vanuatu

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Recently I caught up with Ethel and Smith, the Women’s and Youth Officers respectively, for the Anglican Church in Vanuatu. Recognising that women and youth are often vulnerable members of society in developing countries, Anglican Overseas Aid is supporting Ethel and Smith through a Youth and Women Empowerment Project, which has stemmed from the solar project. This supports women and youth to improve their living standards in their families, within their communities and church, and as Ethel says ‘really, the nation as a whole’ through financial literacy, livelihoods opportunities and addressing social issues facing youth and women.

The 23rd day of June 2013 is now a historical day for the Anglican Community in the Province of Melanesia but more particularly it is for the Anglican members of Guadalcanal. Truly it is written down in their history – an event the people of Guadalcanal wish to see eventuate and thus talked about since 1978. Some prominent church leaders initiating the idea are not able to witness this great ceremony, but their sons and daughters, grannies and great grannies do witness the day after a weeklong rally, sleepless nights, frustrations, upsets and criticisms.