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Friday, 23 May 2014 14:15

ACoM Evangelism and Renewal

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The Anglican Church of Melanesia has a Commission known as "The Commission for Evangelism & Renewal" that comes under the Anglican Church of Melanesia Board of Mission (ACoMBM).

The FUNCTIONS of the Commission as stated under the TITLE E CANON 14 of the THE CONSTITUTION of the ANGLICAN CHURCH OF MELANESIA:

1. The Commission shall have the responsibility for advising the Anglican Church of Melanesia on all matters relating to Evangelism and Renewal. In particular, this advice will be given to the General Synod, Provincial Council, the Council of Bishops and the Diocesan Synods.

2. The Commission shall seek to raise the awareness of the Church generally to the task of evangelism and renewal and shall co-operate with the Melanesia Board of Mission in the production of materials and programmes to achieve these aims.

3. The Commission shall liaise with equivalent bodies in the individual Dioceses and seek to assist and encourage them in their work and to share with other Dioceses the learnings gained from the work and experience of such Diocesan bodies.

4. The Commission shall seek out persons whom the Commission feels are specially called to the work of evangelism and renewal and shall negotiate with the appropriate Church authorities for such persons to receive additional training and/or experience either within their own Diocese, or at a Provincial level, or overseas.

5. Likewise, the Commission shall advise the Church on the appropriate choice of overseas persons to visit the Church of the Province of Melanesia for the purpose of furthering the work of evangelism and renewal.