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  • Friday 30th September 2016


    Give thanks for:  All the good things that God richly provide for our enjoyment.              
    Pray that:  We may pursue righteousness, godliness, and gentleness.              
    ACOM Cycle of Prayer: : The Communities of the Sisters of Melanesia & the Sisters of the Church.
    Anglican Communion: The Anglican Church of South Africa.


    Friday 30; St. Jerome, Priest & Monk, Bethlehem, 420, III








    Psalms 87, 88        

    Eccles. 3:1-11

    Psalm 89:1-38



    Habakkuk 3:2-19

    Psalm 144:1-4

    2 Kings 19:1-19



    Mark 15:33-47

    Luke 9:18-22

    Acts 24:24- -25:12



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